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25th & James

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The first Northside Home Fund cluster to be identified, the 25th and James Avenue Cluster in the Jordan neighborhood, was also called the “demonstration cluster” as the coordinated work of the initiative began in 2003. The goal was to revitalize the housing, repopulate areas that had lost residents due to foreclosure and investor abandonment, and add value for the neighborhood as a unique, attractive, and affordable place to live within Minneapolis.

The two block cluster area stretches between 25th and 26th Avenue North and is bounded by Logan Avenue North on the west and Irving Avenue North on the east. One block to the north on James has also been included to receive a number of new construction, energy-efficient homes.

The plan for this cluster includes the construction of quality, affordable, single-family housing in place of vacant lots and boarded buildings, as well as beautification of cluster properties through an exterior improvement incentive program. Four new construction homes built have been built in the 25th & James cluster. Three of these homes are part of Minneapolis’ Green Homes North initiative and were built to the Minnesota Green Communities Standards. Two homes have been completed on the 26th and James block and there are three more homes currently under construction. Once these homes are completed and sold, the expanded cluster will have a total of 9 new construction homes and 5 rehabbed homes for a total of 14 homes with 14 new homeowners.

The Northside Home Fund collaborative work in the 25th & James cluster and the Jordan neighborhood continues with welcoming the new residents and engaging all of the residents of the community. Creating a solid neighborhood of empowered residents – both owners and renters – is done in partnership with the Jordan neighborhood, the City of Minneapolis (CPED, Regulatory Services, Police), Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, and the Cluster development partner PRG.