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Who We Are

The Northside Home Fund is an initiative of the Family Housing Fund. The Family Housing Fund is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide safe, affordable, sustainable homes to all families in the Twin Cities metropolitan area through ongoing partnerships with the public and private sector. Through its many initiatives, the Family Housing Fund aligns its efforts to preserve and produce affordable housing with other efforts to serve lower income families and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods, communities, and the metropolitan region.

The mission of the Northside Home Fund is to add value to existing neighborhood, city, and other private and public efforts to support safe, vibrant, and sustainable communities in North Minneapolis. Its goal is to reestablish in North Minneapolis attractive, safe neighborhoods, and a healthy housing market that is sustainable in the private marketplace.

The Northside Home Fund does its work through promoting homeownership, the rehab and construction of new homes, adherence to safe and lawful rental properties, and support of the Northside communities. We work with the efforts of the Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED), the local neighborhoods, and a host of non-profit organizations and funders. The key to our work is collaboration – to share the efforts, issues and initiatives across all Northside neighborhoods for the benefit of the residents and the building up of the neighborhoods.


Collaboration with a variety of City and community partners is central to the strategy and implementation of the Northside Home Fund. Together, these partners meet regularly as the Northside Home Fund Advisory Board. The Northside Home Fund Board is chaired by the Family Housing Fund and composed of representatives from Northside neighborhood organizations, nonprofit housing and homeownership organizations, governmental and enforcement agencies, community development organizations, private housing developers, and financial institutions.

The Northside Home Fund Board recommends overall strategy and direction for the collaborative partnership, advises on projects and cluster project activities, and monitors progress on initiative activities.


In August of 2003, North Minneapolis community leaders wrote to elected officials of the City of Minneapolis asking them to commit to developing sustainable solutions to the serious community and economic development issues facing their neighborhoods. Specific housing challenges facing North Minneapolis included a high vacant and boarded housing inventory, declining home ownership rates, and a residential rehabilitation rate trailing that elsewhere in the city. The Mayor, Northside City Council members, and local leaders joined to organize an agenda for change, termed the Northside Partnership. As part of this agenda, the City of Minneapolis Department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) approached the Family Housing Fund to lead the collaborative creation of a housing strategy; this effort became the Northside Home Fund (NHF).