Cluster Concepts

The Northside Home Fund’s main initiative, the “cluster concept”, is built upon the strong collaborative networks that exist within the affordable housing system in Minneapolis. Make big changes in a concentrated small area–That’s the logic behind the focus on small geographic areas, or “clusters”. By making a noticeably positive impact on the housing stock in a concentrated area, partners stabilize and strengthen the homeownership market of North Minneapolis neighborhoods.

Specific components of the cluster projects include the redevelopment of vacant and boarded homes, the building of new homes on vacant lots, community outreach and organizing, concerted efforts with housing inspections and police partners, and the establishment of a development partnership to identify and implement residential development opportunities within the cluster.

This multi-faceted approach aims to bring about improvements that are so perceptible that positive change radiates to adjacent blocks. Also, trends and issues that are identified and addressed often provide work, policy, and process changes that bring a positive impact to the Northside neighborhoods as a whole.

Hawthorne EcoVillage

The Hawthorne EcoVillage is named for the partners’ commitment to a community that is ecologically friendly and incorporates green and energy-efficient features, as much as possible.
The Hawthorne EcoVillage is a four block area bounded by Lowry Avenue on the north, 30th Avenue on the south, Lyndale Avenue on the west, and 4th Street on the east. As one of the longest running cluster projects, positive work has spilled over from this initial boundary to blocks across the street as well.

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25th & James

The first Northside Home Fund cluster to be identified, the 25th and James Avenue Cluster in the Jordan neighborhood, was also called the “demonstration cluster”.
The two block cluster area stretches between 25th and 26th Avenue North and is bounded by Logan Avenue North on the west and Irving Avenue North on the east. One block to the north on James has also been included to receive a number of new construction, energy-efficient homes.

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Cottage Park

A pocket park neighborhood tucked into the curve of West Broadway Avenue, Cottage Park in the Jordan neighborhood has been at the center of exciting community investment.
The Cottage Park cluster includes the properties adjacent to Cottage Park on James Avenue North and Ilion Avenue North in the Jordan neighborhood.

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