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Cottage Park

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A pocket park neighborhood tucked into the curve of West Broadway Avenue, Cottage Park in the Jordan neighborhood has been at the center of exciting community investment. From deteriorating housing, foreclosures, and the 2010 tornado, the area has benefitted from the work of the Northside Home Fund partners. The Cottage Park cluster includes the properties adjacent to Cottage Park on James Avenue North and Ilion Avenue North in the Jordan neighborhood.

The community park that anchors this neighborhood was completely revitalized in 2006, including new landscaping, plantings, lighting, and art. The Garden of Gethsemane Church across from the park was saved by the Ackerberg Group and Franklin Bank who worked with the congregation to rehab the historic church and open its doors again for worship. As of 2015, four new construction homes have been built and eight homes rehabilitated by a variety of Northside Home Fund partners, including The Ackerberg Group, Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation, Urban Homeworks, PRG, and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Together, these partners have added a total of 12 vital properties to this Jordan neighborhood, which has increased the number of residents and the attractiveness of Cottage Park to new buyers.

The Cottage Park cluster partners, including volunteers from The Ackerberg Group, The Pohlad Family Foundation, The Jordan Area Community Council, the City of Minneapolis, the Northside Home Fund, members of the Garden of Gethsemane Church, and residents helped to install new playground equipment in Cottage Park. The Department of Public Works also installed speed humps around the park to slow traffic and improve safety. With the support of The Pohlad Family Foundation, the SPEAK Project worked with youth, primarily from the Jordan neighborhood, to create an art bench to replace a park board bench that had been stolen from near the playground.

A stabilizing economy will hopefully assist in the revitalization of this area. The Broadway Curve on West Broadway adjacent to Cottage Park is the next development goal for this cluster. The City of Minneapolis and Jordan Area Community Council are interested in pursuing a project at this location that will help diversify the North Minneapolis housing market, increase housing density along West Broadway Avenue, add public pedestrian amenities, attract stable commercial and retail investments, and compliment the other development activities in the area.