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Green Homes North

Green Homes North is an initiative of the City of Minneapolis and several partners, including the Family Housing Fund and the Northside Home Fund, which will build 100 energy efficient homes in five years to revitalize neighborhoods in North Minneapolis. Launched in 2012, funding has been awarded to nine developers to build 56 homes. As of mid-2015, 24 have sold, two are currently on the market, two have accepted offers and are moving to closing, and 28 are under construction or beginning construction in the summer of 2015.

The green homes are constructed to the Minnesota Green Communities Standards as administered by Minnesota Housing or certified as LEED for Home with high efficiency mechanical systems, Energy Star appliances and lighting, and durable exterior construction.



Building new, green, energy efficient, and sustainable housing on available City-owned vacant lots will build area market value, boost the Northside housing market, and increase confidence of current owners. These green homes offer an affordable housing alternative to the historic neighborhood homes and will complement the older, classic homes in these neighborhoods. The Green Homes North program gives buyers another reason to discover the diverse neighborhoods of North.

This map shows the locations and statuses of the 56 Green Homes North properties that have been approved so far. Note that many of these homes are located in the Northside Home Fund cluster areas.